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We had an email from a client expressing their

sincere thanks and deep gratitude for making a trip to the theatre happen.

Mr P cares for his wife and wanted to take her and his mum to see Les Misereables at the Milton Keynes Theatre. In his own words, he said

Big deal some may say, but in order to achieve that it required the work of the good people in your organisations coming together to enable us to go. Being post op I could not push the wheelchair, and then I dropped another brick, I thought it was a matinee performance err wrong it was an evening performance.

A few Organisations involved in making this happen; Herts ACS who took care of the funding for support on the trip; their homecare agency for organising a late call just after midnight to help Mrs P get to bed; the Crossroads team, including Stewart and others

I know not of who took my original request for an escort so Mrs P could go. Then for his patience when with a week to go, I informed him that it was an evening performance not a matinee. No problems.

Emily who accompanied them

what a godsend she was, having Emily come with us meant taking Mum and Mrs P was a pleasure, I was not trying to look at all directions. Emily ensured I did nothing wrong in terms of lifting and shifting. She kept Mrs P amused and then sat with Mum in the Theatre whilst I sat with Mrs P in the wheelchair row. Even the tyre on Mrs P’s wheelchair coming adrift did not phase her. You should be proud of the individuals who work for your organisations, who each in their own way, contributed to a family having family time. This was the first time since my op that I had managed to get Mrs P out of the house. So once again a huge thank you to (all the Organisations) for making yesterday happen. It took a lot of effort from a lot of people to give us the best time out we have had in a long time. Care, kindness and compassion at its best. Thank you

Further Client Compliments

Amazing care company. So much more than just another care agency. They looked after my mum before she passed away and they never let us down. Crossroads were a huge support to us as a family when my mum was very sick. Nothing was too much trouble. They were genuine, professional and decent human beings. I highly recommend them.

M is so attentive to all of Ms S needs, nothing is too much trouble, I feel so assured when she is here, knowing that I can go out and feel at ease , as Ms S happiness and well being is all that matters to me.

Crossroads are a very reliable service, the support workers are all very reliable, courteous and kind. Their visits give Mr A structure to his day, they help him to remain living at home and ensure he takes his medication which is the most important thing.

The 30 minutes that mum receives in the morning is invaluable. It sets mum up for the day, although they are there to help the ladies always have time to chat and mum finds the social interaction a very important part of her day and she enjoys it very much”.

I am very happy with my crossroads services, it gives me a break from my caring role which is very tiring. Crossroads is the best care provider. M is very good and supports me and Ms J when she visits.

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