Keeping staff safe during the pandemic

One of the biggest concerns about working in social care since the Covid 19 pandemic hit us in March 2020 is safety.

People ask themselves: how will be kept safe? What measures are in place? What can I do if I feel anxious or worried about myself, one of my family members or a client? Where can I get support from?

What is will be in place when you come to work for Crossroads:

  • Regular updates on PPE guidance, what steps you need to take to minimise risk of cross contamination
  • Access to the right PPE for the tasks you will be carrying out
  • Mandatory weekly PCR Covid swab tests
  • Access to training via E-Learning and in house practical sessions on Infection Control
  • Access to vaccines and you will be paid for your time to attend vaccine appointments
  • Individual Risk Assessments completed on any client who has tested positive for Covid 19 or who is self isolating due to being symptomatic
  • Staff rotas have been streamlined to reduce the number of staff visiting clients
  • Increase to the isolation period of clients following a hospital discharge or a positive test result. The guidance is 10 day isolation for individuals being discharged from hospital to their own homes, however we are continuing to enforce a 14 day isolation period to reduce the risk of transmission. This means that staff going into clients who have either tested positive or have been discharged from hospital will wear full PPE for 14 days
  • Access to Wellbeing Support via the HR team, managers or Health and Wellbeing Champion. We can also signpost you to support outside the charity if this would suit your needs better
  • Raising your concerns without judgement: we understand that everyone’s situation is different. If you have concerns, we will listen to them, discuss and support you

Remember: You are not in this alone, we are in it together and together we will get through it.

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