Are you an unpaid carer who needs a break, or could you provide a break for an unpaid carer?

The Crossroads Breakaway volunteer service helps unpaid carers, who often feel isolated at home, by staying with the person they care for while they have a break from their caring role. We have a fabulous team of skilled volunteers who give their time on a regular basis to help people stay connected with their community.

To provide a break for an unpaid carer, our Breakaway volunteers support the cared for person by:

  • Being a friend – starting with a friendly smile and offering a welcome chat.
  • Listening and supporting.
  • Sharing their time to support hobbies and interests.
  • Providing a connection back with the community.

Joining our team of Breakaway volunteers you will receive:

  • Personal fulfilment from supporting a family in need
  • Crossroads Care in-house training
  • One to one support and group sessions
  • The opportunity to learn new hobbies or skills
  • Out of pocket expenses refunded

The service is flexible so you can arrange your volunteering around your work or family commitments. You can give as much time as you like – although we ask for a minimum of around 2/3 hours per month, most of our current volunteers give 2 – 4 hours per week (you will not be required to give personal care). Please take a look at our flyers: Breakaway Flyer front and Breakaway Flyer back

Volunteer Sandy told us why she chose Crossroads:

I know first-hand how valuable helping vulnerable people in society is and I wanted to give back in some way. Also, I have watched my mother suffer with bipolar so I have a passion for helping others. I chose Crossroads because I have watched my dad be a carer for my mother and at times it has been difficult for him. I respect and admire what Crossroads do providing respite for unpaid carers which is what attracted me to the charity. The people are very friendly, welcoming and helpful which made me feel comfortable and valued as a volunteer. I would definitely recommend volunteering at Crossroads as it is a highly rewarding, interesting and enjoyable experience.

Volunteer Jane told us why she loves volunteering:

She supports a gentleman living with Dementia one evening a week so his wife can go out to meet her friends. She works full time and wanted to give something back to her community. She is always eager to find new things to do together with the gentleman and found out he has a love for poetry so they read poems together on a Monday evening. Jane loves her volunteering and looks forward to seeing him each week, knowing she is helping both husband and wife.

Discover more about our services

To find out more about our services
please call 01462 455578
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Discover more about our services

To find out more about our services
please call 01462 427545
or email